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Cappuccino Products

Manual Cappuccino

Manual cappuccino with stylish designs which adds class to our kitchens and hi-tech interface which allows electronically dosing of one's coffee by just a touch.. Need automatic espresso?

Vacuum Machines

Get a Jumbo Vacuum...

  • Compact system with Jumbo results. Digital command and maintenance functions. user friendly and easy to clean.
  • Manual Cappuccino
    Via veneto
    Classy with a Crema Filter Holder.
    Easy to clean. Available in stock.
    Filter Brita Intenza
    Perfect water quality at any time
    Noble set of double walled mouth-blown glasses
    Electronically dosing by just a touch.
    Very convenient. Now available in stock.
    Software Solutions

  • We also have varied software solutions for various weighing applications.

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